Nature's Touch Soy Blend Batting 34 x 45"

Batting by Pellon

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  • Nature's Touch Soy Blend Batting 34 x 45

Pellon® Nature's Touch® Soy Blend Batting is needle punched with a stabilizing scrim binder. It is among the softest batting on the market and also offers superb anti-crease, easy wash, and quick dry properties. Great for duvets, wall hangings, jackets, and pillow covers. Lightweight blend of 50% Soy / 50% Cotton at 4 ounces per square yard. Loft is 1/16", Shrinkage: 2-3%, Stitch Distance: 8-10" Maximum. Made in the USA. Style: S-3445P

50% Soy / 50% Cotton
Stabilizing Scrim Binder
Made in USA