W6 Saltwater

by Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics

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  • Cherrywood W6 Saltwater Hand-Dyed Fabric


• Hand-dyed on a bleach white muslin base •

Traditionally, Cherrywood is dyed on a high-quality unbleached muslin. This gives our fabric a certain look and feel that has become our trademark. However, the cream color of the muslin affects the light colors, giving them a slight yellowed look. In order to get true pastel colors, we searched for a bleached muslin with the same characteristics as our regular base muslin. You won't see the cotton flecks on this lighter weight fabric, but the colors fit right into the Cherrywood family.

Now you can create a gradation of color that goes to a true white!

- Fabric is dyed in 2-yard pieces. Add the desired pieces to your cart. We will make every effort to send the total amount in the largest pieces available from the same dye-lot. Any order over 2 yards will come in pieces unless otherwise specified. 

- Hand Dyed 100% Cotton

- Prewashed/Preshrunk

- Machine washable in Synthrapol (4 oz. bottle)