Monarch Challenge Bundle 2023

by Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics

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  • Cherrywood Monarch Challenge Bundle 2023
  • Cherrywood Monarch Challenge Bundle 2023
  • Cherrywood Monarch Challenge Bundle 2023

Monarch Challenge
Cherrywood's 2023 Challenge is Monarch Butterfly!









A full set of rules is included with your kit, but here are the highlights:


The iconic black and orange monarch butterfly is threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction and climate change.  What does that mean to you? How would you like to immortalize the monarch?  What is it about monarchs that is so endearing? Use your insight and personal style to design the quilt. Cherrywood will select quilts based on originality, creativity, design, impact, workmanship and overall variety of the exhibit.


Finished measurements must be 20 inches square


The challenge is to use a limited color palette.  Your entry must use ONLY the eight colors of fabric in the official Challenge Bundle.  Thread color, ink/paint color and colors of embellishments are not limited in their color.

The Challenge Kit contains:

  • 8 fat quarters
  • Mistyfuse Sample
  • Milkweed Seeds (yay!)

Kit Price is $50.00. 

A $30.00 Entry Fee will be collected at the time you submit your quilt.

Fiber Charm Package

Need some fun fiber embellishments for your Challenge Quilt?  Grab one of our Fiber Charm Packs!  $19.99

We also carry Mistyfuse


Goddess Pressing Sheets

Happy Challenge Quilt Making!!