Woven Color Kit - "Tapestry"

Kit by Cherrywood Fabrics

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  • Woven Color Kit -
  • Woven Color Kit -

In a weaving, weft is a yarn that runs back and forth, and warp is a yarn that runs up and down. Imagine if fabric could be woven together like a warp and a weft. This quilt captures the play of colors as they run all the way across the design, mixing with another color that runs all the way up and down.

48" x 56"

Designed by Karla Overland, Cherrywood Fabrics

Tapestry Kit Includes:

  • Pattern
  • Half Yard - Crimson 1110
  • Half Yard - Paprika 0205
  • Half Yard - Burnt Orange 0420
  • Half Yard - Mermaid 0832
  • Half Yard - Kiwi 0660
  • Half Yard - Reflex 1015